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University of Washington Press, 2013.
$44.95 paperback (ISBN: 9780295992259), 304 pp, 61 illus., 7 x 10 in.
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Exhibition Catalogs:
Sugar/Islands: Finding Okinawa in Hawai’i – the art of Laura Kina and Emily Hanako Momohara.
Los Angeles, CA: Bear River Press, 2015.
Catalog published in conjunction with the Japanese American National Museum exhibition. Foreword by G.W. Kimura, curatorial essay by Krystal Hauseur, an invited essay by Margo Machida, an interview with the artists, and full color reproductions of all 30 images in the show.
$24 paperback (ISBN -13: 978-0-9768528-2-7; ISBN: 0-768528-2-9), 52 pp.


Laura Kina: Uchinanchu. (exhibition catalog in conjunction with Cal Poly Pomona, 2016 solo show) featuring co-curator Michele Cairella Fillmore’s essay “Transnational Lives in Motion.” $29.36 Purchase the exhibition catalog or download a PDF or view online.


Laura Kina: Blue Hawaii (exhibition catalog in conjunction with New Jersey City University, 2015 and University of Memphis, 2014 solo show) featuring an invited essay by Wesley Uenten “Okinawan Diaspora Blues.” Download a PDF of the exhibition catalog or view it online.


Indigo: Shelly Jyoti and Laura Kina (exhibition catalog in conjunction with the Chicago Cultural Center, 2013 exhibition) featuring the previously published invited essays by ML, Johny. “Indigo Inscriptions”; Vali, Murtaza. “The Dye That Binds: Indigo Iconographies”; Yee, Michelle. “Moving Materials: Reclaiming Histories of Migration.” Download a PDF of the exhibition or view it online.

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